Monday, December 9, 2019


Hi, There!

I finished all my Christmas cards and was able to fill my Christmas box for our church Women's Ministry raffle this Friday!  I forgot to take the picture of the inside before I wrapped it up in cellophane - oops.

The box I bought at Michael's and it has a linen look to the lid and the word "Peace" in gold on the top of the lid.  

The box itself has cardinals and winter berries all around with gold handles on either end.  Best yet - it was half price.  

I was able to get 16 handmade cards inside along with a little bag of hand cream and a bag of M&Ms.  Now we know, we need hand cream after handling all that paper and we need the energy to make all those cards!!!!  I really had a lot of fun putting this all together.  Oh, yes, I treated myself to a bag of M&Ms and hand cream too;)

Thanks for stopping by, hugs and be blessed ~ CaroleAnn

Little peek of the package of hand cream but the M&Ms are on the other side.


  1. A great raffle prize and the hand cream and M&Ms will be much appreciated too I bet
    Carol x

  2. What a cute little gift someone will get!


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