Sunday, May 3, 2020


Hi, There!

I usually do not post on Sunday but this is a special post to a dear friend of mine to say thank you!

When we blog we meet many people by our common interests we share with one another.  Crafters, in general, have always seemed to me to be so generous and encouraging of one another.

I have been blessed to know many friends that share their creativity, kindness, and generosity.  And continue to meet new friends in the wonderful world of blogging:)

So I made these cards using some of the die-cut goodies my friend sent me over the years.  The wooden stamps I used are from my collection of PSX/ Sugar and Mice.  I used Copic Markers for coloring and added glitter. 

May we all find ourselves blessed with friends that make a difference in our lives with their kindness and generosity.  Hugs and blessings ~ CaroleAnn


  1. I love the cute images and beautifully coloured -beautiful selection of dies
    Carol x

  2. Oh, dear. I'm sure I know your friend and I have many of her die cuts, too. They show up frequently on my cards. Your PSX mice are adorable and so beautifully colored. A lovely post, Carole. It brings a tear, but a smile at the same time. Hugs!


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