Saturday, June 3, 2017


Hi, There!!

Yes indeed!!!  50 years have gone by in a wink of an eye and I can't believe it!!!  We are so blessed to have one another and all the blessings that the good Lord has bestowed on us.  We are so very happy and lucky and I praise and honor You Lord for giving us each other to love and to cherish for all these years.

I made this card back in 2012 and we just rotate it to each other each year as my private note inside says it all and it is so us - sitting and watching the birds come to our bird feeders!!!  Joy in all the simple things in life have given us such tremendous happiness.

Have a wonderful weekend and we will be enjoying a quiet dinner at our very favorite restaurant later tonight!!!  All diet plans are off for tonight!!!  Yippee!!!!!  Bring on the big plates, good wine, and oogie-gooey desserts!!!!  Hugs and blessings ~ CaroleAnn


  1. Happy anniversary!!!! Hope your night with your sweetie was wonderful. Hugs!

  2. Wooooow! 50 years together! My congratulations on this Great date! God blessed you with love, patience, faith, so i wish you to multiply His gifts in your family!!!!!
    Ps your wedding dress was sooo beautiful!

  3. Happy Anniversary !
    Such a special one too - hope you had a lovely night out and enjoyed your desserts ^_^
    Love to you both xx


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